Last weekend we had the opportunity to meet with Mercy Table and Hands of Favor and were truly amazed and blessed by the experience.


Mercy Table at University Place United Methodist Church

Mercy Table opens its doors each Saturday afternoon for the homeless community of North Portland. When we walked in the doors we were warmly greeted by Nick and Rebecca Floyd, the pastors of University Park United Methodist Church. We were new faces to the place and Rebecca was very friendly in asking how we came to hear about the place and what we were interested in knowing. We explained we had heard about their outreach through Mr. Derek Thompson of Hands of Favor and really wanted to check out how things were done and what they were all about. She welcomed us to stay, take a look around, eat food, visit and participate in what they had going on that afternoon.

We were amazed by what they were doing. This small church had a large amount of clothing spread out, as well as an assortment of food items, welcome to take. The doors remained open, welcoming everyone who wanted to come in. The biggest thing that touched our hearts was how Nick and Rebecca had built relationships with the people that come to Mercy Table. They called people by name, chatting and tossing jokes around like they were all old friends. This differed from how we’ve experienced homeless outreach before, not just a formal line to walk through and receive your clothes, food, etc. but this was real relationship, true love that was shared and experienced.


Portable shower unit provided by All One Community services

Outside there was a portable shower station setup, offering showers for those who wanted them. This mobile unit was provided by All One Community services, and we were completely in awe because we had never seen anything like it before. Chatting with the fellows setting it up, they explained they travel to different organizations around the Portland area four days a week offering showers to the homeless communities. They bring the mobile shower unit, and all they need is the propane and a water source to provide warm showers. They are willing to travel to more locations, but they do have a need to be met! The cost of fuel to drive to the different locations and the propane needed to offer the hot showers costs money. They are in need of donations in order to keep providing this amazingly loving and life-changing service. If you are able to help, or interest in supporting the mobile shower truck, we’d love to connect you with their organization and ways to help.



Hands of Favor

Derek Thompson with Hands of Favor was setup in a side room, offering free haircuts. His lovely wife Regina, was making rounds and checking in with folks to see who was interested in getting their hair cut that afternoon. We had an awesome conversation with Derek and Regina both, getting to know more about Hands of Favor and the heart behind their ministry. We absolutely loved watching people get their hair cut. Their whole attitude and demeanor can change dramatically after this mini-makeover is completed. A new sense of self-confidence is noticed and all because of a hair cut. Something that most people may take for granted or seem minuscule, is a life-changer for a homeless person who does not have the means to acquire a shower or haircut on a regular basis.

We are looking forward to getting to know more about Hands of Favor, Derek and Regina Thompson, and what Jeffrey’s Dream can do in conjunction with their amazing ministry.


Thank you Mercy Table, All One Community services and Hands of Favor for all you’re doing in our community and allowing us to visit with you and get to know you all!

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